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      Today, we are very honored to pronounce, that our 7th Chain Manufacturing Mchaine has been fixed!!!

      And it runs very well at the moment. By this, the lead time of our chain products shortened ...Details>>

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      On 18th Jan, 2014, our company's annual meeting was held inLiShan international, all staff ( including the office people and workers) of Qingdao Wancheng Anchor Chain Co., LTD attended the annual mee...Details>>

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      A friend from Europe planted a jade leaf tree in the Wancheng Garden at the gate of our company in person accompanied by Business Manager Zhong Doudou and Shi Xiaolin on April 28. The tree was named w...Details>>

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      The company held enterprise autorotation landing PK competition. Wancheng anchor chain autorotation system PK competition was held grandly in the company in a warm and radiant light ray dance on the a...Details>>

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      All the people are of one mind to do rescue and relief work.When difficulties arise in one place, aid comes from everywhere.Upon hearing the news of earthquake hit Ya’an, situation there are all worry...Details>>

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