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2013 Company annual meeting was held ceremoniously

Date:2014-06-28 09:58:09

On 18th Jan, 2014, our company's annual meeting was held inLiShan international,  all staff ( including the office people and workers) of Qingdao Wancheng Anchor Chain Co., LTD attended the annual meeting.The year of 2013 was an extraordinary year, under the leadership of our president David, both of trading and production have a fast development. Especially in the second half of the year, the staff's income have a great increased, the same as their passion for work. This is attributed to our new system, thedepartment subcontract responsibility system. After that,all the people in Wancheng Anchor Chain Company treat the work as their own things, all the people are the boss of their own.

Except making a summary for 2013, David also mentioned the target for 2014, that is “Pragmatic, focus, technology and innovation.”It requires all the employee in our company focus on the customer,on the product, and working hard on technology innovation. During the meeting, we also awarded LED TV for the workers and the good teams which have a big progress and the most outstanding achievement in the last year. In this way,  to encourage them to continue to work hard in the New Year. Looking ahead to 2014, David encouraged us to speak out our dreams in the New Year, most of people to the stage to share their dreams with us. And in the end, David portrayed his dream, that is helping all the Wancheng family members to realize their dream.  It is not only a  embodiment of David's true feelings, but also a kind of intangible encouragement and spur to everybody. No matter the dream is about family or work, we have to make all of our effort to realize it. I believe that all the Wancheng family members will realize their dreams in the nice year of 2014.


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