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New Policy - New Chance

Date:2013-08-27 09:58:24

The company held enterprise autorotation landing PK competition.

Wancheng anchor chain autorotation system PK competition was held grandly in the company in a warm and radiant light ray dance on the afternoon of July 3. Nine teams from all departments and all branches from the company participated in the PK. After fierce competition, finally the Light Ray Team from the Business Department won the championship.

After winning, all members of the Light Ray Team agreed to purchase labor protection appliance with the bonus and send them to family members in production and thunderous applause was given them upon hearing their decision.

The PK competition concluded successfully in the night at 20:00. Everyone was still indulged in the passion of competition and although the champion was only one, everyone felt proud of their teamwork spirit. In the following post PK competitions, I believed that all out family member would go all out. Let’s wait and see!

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