Founded in 2006, Qingdao Wancheng Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the research and development and production of anchor chains and related products.

The company can produce and operate M1, M2, M3 marine anchor chains and accessories, covering φ6-φ81mm, as well as mining, hoisting, bundling and other chains produced according to customer requirements, with an annual production capacity of 22,000 tons.

Specific product categories:

Ship supporting products: anchor chain, anchor, armor, etc.;

Industrial chain series: such as: German standard chain, American standard chain, Australian standard chain and other ordinary gearless chain, lifting chain, dock chain, etc. and other chains produced according to customer requirements;

Binding chain: container binding chain, cross-hook hook, etc.

The company has strong technical force and international production equipment. There are 7 sets of existing chain-making units, 12 sets of flash welding machines, 2 sets of gear-making machines, 3 heat treatment furnace production lines, 4 tensile testing machines and other supporting equipment. The equipment of the ongoing 107 project); has a standardized production monitoring system and strict quality inspection system, 3 existing universal material testing machines, impact testing machine, chemical analyzer, metallographic analyzer, ultrasonic, magnetic particle testing, hardness Count.

“Wancheng Anchor Chain” brand was honored as “Qingdao Famous Brand Product”, “Shandong Famous Brand Product”, “Qingdao Specialized Special New Product”, “Qingdao Famous Trademark”, “Shandong Famous Trademark” and so on. "Intellectual property standards" and "two-in-one integration" are being implemented. With strong R&D and production strength, Qingdao Wancheng Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. has won the “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Qingdao Specialized New Model Enterprise”, “Qingdao Enterprise Technology Center”, “Jimo City Industrial Design Center”, “Jimo Engineering Technology Research Center" and other titles. Up to now, it has won 19 patents including invention patents and utility model patents. The company has been awarded Qingdao-level contract-honoring and credit-worthy enterprise.

The company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, and the company has obtained China Classification Society (CCS), German Classification Society (DNV-GL), Korean Classification Society (KR), Japan Classification Society (NK), French class The company (BV), the Russian Marine Classification Society (RS), the China National Fisheries Inspection Agency (ZY), and the Indonesian Classification Society (BKI) are recognized by the factory, and are also undergoing the British Classification Society (LR) and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). ) It is recognized by the factories of two classification societies and has the ability to provide stable and high quality products.

Wancheng Anchor Chain has many years of production, quality, marketing and after-sales teams in the industry to meet the needs of customers. At present, the company has won the customer's approval and trust with its first-class equipment, excellent product quality, perfect production management process, excellent after-sales service, rigorous work style and good customer reputation. At present, the products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, and the Middle East. The company always pays attention to the dynamics of the ship supporting market, emphasizing the perfect combination of professionalism and service, and truly makes customers worry, save time and effort.

    Qingdao Wancheng Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. will continue to draw on the advanced technology and excellent management level of its peers and other industries, with the concept of “making every participant on the enterprise platform happy”, with “customer value as the core” The core values of results-oriented, innovation, integrity, gratitude, and win-win are constantly moving toward internationalization and standardization.