About WAC

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■ Corporation Soul

Let all participants in the enterprise platform live a happier life!

■ Corporation Mission

Committed to the R&D and production of anchor chains and related products, pursue excellent customer value and employee value

Make contribution to the development of the ship supporting industry and social economy!

■ Corporation Vision

To become a navigator of the ship anchor manufacturing industry, the most trustworthy ship supporting partner, become a participant in local economic development and build a happy home we proud of!

■ Core Values

Abide by Integrity – Be honest with customers and keep promise

Advocate Love – Great Love, Help the others to succeed

Realize Win-win – Mutual Benefit, Common Growth

Pursuit of Excellence – Continuous Innovation, Harmonious Development

Add: No. 7, TCL Avenue, Bei’an Street Office, Jimo, Qingdao Tel: +86-532-87558999(Domestic)/85507777(International)  Email:info@anchorchain.cn
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